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Here are some comments from pilots at all levels:

"It's addicting!!" --- Kari Castle, 1996 Women's World Champion

"I flew farther than my buddy all summer long. I think it's the Tangent." --- Steve Wertheimer, enthusiastic XC pilot.

"It's the best vario I've ever flown with. With each software update it just gets better. I love it!" --- Jim Lee, '93 US Champion & US Team member.

"The Final Glide Calculator is perfect. It really works. Friggin' awesome!" --- Mike Barber, US World Team pilot.

"It improves my glide and frees up brain power for other decisions. In addition the vario is much faster and more sensitive than my Flytek.." --- John Pendry, '95 British Champion, '85 World Champion.

"I guarantee it will improve your glide! I can't believe something this sophisticated is so easy to use." --- Larry Huffman, enthusiastic XC pilot.

"Sink makes me panic. When the sink alarm goes off I find myself instinctively pulling in way too much. The Tangent stops that. Now I always know I'm gliding as efficiently as possible. The audio speed control works great. It's pretty nifty to be able to get my eyes off my instruments. Dangerously addictive, frighteningly necessary. I love it. " --- Nelson Howe, US Team Member.

"The Tangent is the best performing climb and glide instrument I've flown with. I like how you can personally tailor the myriad of functions the Tangent boasts to suit your style." --- Mark Bennett, '94 US Points Champion & US Team member.

"The Tangent is Totally Awesome!" --- Mark 'Gibbo' Gibson, Bronze Medalist at the '93 Worlds & US Team member.

"The Tangent Flight Computer has the best working total energy function of any vario I have tested to date. The Tangent is as simple to operate as a door handle." --- Dennis Pagen, Hang Gliding Magazine, January 1996

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