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The Tangent Flight Computer brings the full speed-to-fly theory to the world of hang gliding and paragliding in the most comprehensive yet easily usable form. The Tangent consists of a sensitive total energy compensated audio vario with adjustable averager, altimeter, airspeed indicator, an audio/visual "speed director" and a final glide calculator. The improvements in glide performance are noticeable and usable by both recreational pilot and serious competitor as well. Now available with the GPS interface, which allows measurement of the headwind component and automated final glide. If you are into cross country flying for recreation or in competition, this is the class of instrument you will be flying with some day. Why wait until you are being outperformed by everyone else? Be the one who is hard to keep up with now!

30 Day Trial

We have a money back guarantee: If you don't like the Tangent, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund! So if you can't get a demo ride, this is the next best thing. Of course you must return the unit in as-new condition.

The Tangent Flight Computer will be available in two models:

Tangent GPS
All the features in the data sheet including the GPS interface (cable and GPS unit not included,) but without Flight Recorder.
Tangent Baro
Includes the above plus the Flight Recorder and the PC Flight Analyzer SW (Available Soon)
Pricing: New Lower Prices On Garmin GPS' !!
Arai Design now sells all of the Garmin hand held GPS units, including the GPS 12, GPS 12 Map, GPS III+, and eMap. Here are prices for the US: For more information on Garmins, check out our How to Choose a GPS   article.


The Tangent GPS is easily upgraded to the Tangent Baro. If you order before the barograph is available, the upgrade cost will simply be the difference in the list prices at the time of purchase. Afterwards the upgrade costs will be: All Tangent models include the following:

Navigation Map