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The Tangent Flight Computer Simulator

Welcome to a simple demonstration of the
Tangent Flight Computer

This demonstration is intended to show only selected features of the Tangent and to give you a feel for how it operates. Many of the pages and fields in a real Tangent are not included. Needless to say, if you lift your computer up and down, any beeping you hear isn't part of this simulation.

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We suggest you read this page first to learn how the keys work. You may press to start the demonstration.

The arrow keys ( or ) are used to move the cursor to the next field, in either direction. The cursor is always at the left side of the field, sometimes on the first character of the field. The field with the cursor is the active field.

Some fields allow rapid changing of information by holding the or keys to accelerate the changes. This class of fields are designed to be quickly changed in flight, and includes fields like head/tail wind, next climb, ballast, etc.

Clicking the key again will bring the cursor to the airspeed field. This is an information only field and is not adjustable.

Click the key again and you will see the cursor go to the top left corner of the display. Remember that the FLT1 page is a dense page. In a dense page the cursor "wraps" around the display. If you click the key you will see the cursor go back to the lower right corner of the display. Holding the or the keys will cause the cursor to jump to the lower right field or the title field, respectively.

With the cursor in the title field (the top left corner) you can use the or keys to move to other pages. Again, remember that the pages are organized like a slide carousel. Click the key several times. The pages change. Keep clicking the key unit you come back to the FLT1 page.

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